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To whom it may concern:

Our company often works with construction companies on major building projects. Marrone Construction is the best general contractor we have ever worked with on a major building project, and gets our highest recommendation.

As background, we are the concessionaire at McArthur-Burney Falls State Park in California. Our contract required us to build a new store and concession sales building in the park, following the state’s design. The building in total cost about $750,000, of which Marrone Construction did almost all of the work.

In building this structure, we faced a number of unique problems. First and foremost, the State of California had run out of money during the building design process, and, without telling us or the builder, handed off plans to us that were not complete and were missing any number of critical engineering checks.

As it turned out, we were very lucky to have chose Marrone Construction for this project. Chris Marrone’s approach is to always be looking and planning well ahead on projects. He was able to identify problems in the design months before they became relevant to the work schedule, and helped us to identify sensible fixes. More importantly, at least to our budget, Marrone was extraordinarily fair in costing out change orders. Many other companies we have worked with would have extracted a fortune from us for the problems found in the design. Chris and his company did not.

Everyone who has seen the building has been impressed with the quality of construction. To my knowledge, every one of Chris’s subs were very professional, and Marrone did a great job on his payment and release process, despite fairly onerous requirements from my bonding company. And of course, he hit my schedule dead-on, despite delays (caused by me) in getting started.

I only wish I could put Chris and his company on an airplane to build projects for us in other states.


Warren Meyer - President

To Whom It May Concern-

In 2007 the Shasta Valley RCD contracted with Marrone Construction to implement the instream portion of the Araujo Fish Passage and Water Quality Improvements Project. Project tasks included the installation of two boulder riffles, one NMFS and DFG approved fish screen and four irrigation pumps which serve five individual ranches. This project was one of the first of several large watershed restoration projects scheduled for implementation in the Shasta River watershed and its success was crucial toward seeing future projects continue ahead.

During construction Marrone Construction showed its ability to not only work with RCD staff and Board but also worked with several regulatory agencies during this very environmentally sensitive project. Marrone Construction’s crew was efficient and produced high quality products considering the short timeline they had to complete the work. Furthermore, Marrone Construction would often go beyond the call of duty on making recommendations on suggested design changes that would better accommodate the longevity of the system and/or facilitate ease for the landowners.

Marrone Constructions crew appeared to be very hard working, precise, and approachable and were very sensitive to the needs of the property owner-assuring that construction impacts were minimized to the greatest extent possible.

I am confident that the product you will receive from Marrone Construction upon completion will be of the highest quality.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any more questions.


Amy Hansen- Senior Project Manager
Shasta Valley RCD